Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ecclesiasties and Socrates

Meaningless. Meaningless

Everything is meaningless

Like chasing the wind

In the futility of life

(I have found)


Waste and void.


We serve the light

The light which is meaning

Which gives us light

All is lost



Serve the light

For your life is nothing, dust that dances

Serve the light.

The Gadfly in the street-




I will not stop

I will not stop telling you-


Vain and profitless seem to me

the uses of this


There is nothing but


Sunday, December 4, 2011

coffee Jesus

your Jesus is very kind
i went and sat inside his walls today
and sang
"O Come 0 Come Emanuel, and randsom captive Israel"
and called upon a God of muffins
and coffee and tea
to refill my cup, if you please
I like this Jesus, he's nice to me.

On the way home i passed a place
with no windows
and began to wonder
if Jesus like's coffee after all
and if he can creep in the dark
through broken cubicles
without spilling his tea
to share muffins with eyes
that glaze over with numb resignation
to pain
if perhaps there is really
any meaning
to "randsom captive Israel"
i wonder what we really mean
and if we are familiar with a Jesus greater than tea.