Monday, May 28, 2012

Oxford Bound

It's 6:41 AM and I am so awake. I leave in an hour for the Pensacola. I will arrive in Charlotte at 1:36 and then depart for Philadelphia at 4. I will leave for london at 10pm tonight and arrive in London at 10 am london time (4am our time) and then find the train to Oxford and then find the Study Abroad Office. and then go to my apartment and fall asleep sometime tuesday night, in Oxford.

I am scared to death.

I mean, it will be fun and it's not like I didn't fly to Russia by myself at 18. (a somewhat more precarious business) it's just... you know. an Adventure.

I woke up this morning thinking about how many Americans have traveled across the pond to Britain to study at Oxford. How many brilliant minds have asked the very same questions I am asking myself.
I usually love flying. And really the flight itself will be enjoyable. it's just the navigating multiple strange airports and cities while jetlagged that i'm not looking forward to.

I do however, enjoy people watching in Airports. I usually create names for people in my head and imagine their lives. Perhaps I will write down a few of the best ones for my blog?

I should have more epic thoughts, but my mom is making me an omelet and really, what are a few elegant words compared to a good breakfast?

We can't have them galavanting up there like kangaroos, can we? - Mary Poppins


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


If ever there was a time in my life for Born and Raised to fall into my lap, this is the time. A true America album, full of cowboys and harmonicas. John Mayer, wherever you are- I dig it.
On Monday I head off for my Europe adventure. Which, as many times as I say it, doesn't feel real. How do I imagine something as wonderful, as ridiculous, as a trip to europe by myself? And I do sometimes feel as if it's secretly ridiculous. Even though I have been saving every penny for a year- it still feels as if I must live in unheard of luxury to be able to do this kind of thing.
The first chunk of the trip is Oxford. That terrifying and glorious institution. Everyone seems to have their travelers list of what they need to do there. Naturally, I have my own.
The Eagle and Child- hopefully on my first night.
Oxford Farmers Markets- where i plan to get my veggies
The Parks- I know myself in study mode. If I am going to kill myself writing papers, I might need to spend some time walking in the parks. make that every day.
Exotic food- you know, the stuff I can't get in the states
H&M- cheap clothes from Europe? Yes. Yes please.

Anything else I need to do while I'm there?

ad astra per aspera

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hedge Therapy

This morning I rode my bike to the bank around 8:00am. Probably the best thing one can do around that time of day in my opinion, although to call me an early riser is an understatement. The scenery was breathtaking. If ever you forget how beautiful Fairhope is, just bike. Sometimes i think i live in Magic Kingdom.
The weeks home from school before my trip to Oxford have been simply aesthetic. I had no idea how much time I'd spent indoors this semester until I played outside every day. This revelation (which hit me as I was biking) is what brings me to the Hedges. I was looking at the hedges and thinking about how something in the giant bulk of green touches the deepest parts of my soul. It doesn't make sense, it doesn't have to. We are in part, animals. And we forget that in our lecture halls and final exams. We are afraid of our skin, and we retreat to our brains. I hope that I never become so intellectual that I forget that intellect is a gift. Like being a soccer player, so is being a sociologist. It is not "higher'' it is a different type of skill. Something modern education has simply forgotten or ignored- we are not all smart. And for the fortunate few, who can use their brains to abstract formulas and complicated concepts- theres is a place and a purpose, in some ways of great importance, and in someways not as important as someone who can fix my flat tire. I hope I never forget the southern beauty of landscape, and the fact that Love and selflessness can be known and expressed without intellect.
In the end, the books don't matter. And books mean everything. Read all the books, see all the hedges.