Thursday, May 19, 2011

we got this whole tourist thing down.

judas priest! he's fast!

"Just so you know i'm blogging all of this." me
"I'm just not gonna talk." mom

well it's been another glorious adventure with the Searcy's here at Hilton Head Island. A place that makes fairhope look lower class. As we've been going along, i've managed to write down a few of my favorite quotes. Here they are:

"What are we doing on this trip?"
building a campfire on the beach.
"isn't that illegal?"
yeah but Liam is a boyscout

Liam looking for things on the scavenger hunt: Where's the sheet music?
mom: i'm not getting it out right now
Liam: aw. i was looking for a bridge.

"you watch that show too!'
yeah but we don't have to TiVo every episode of america's funniest home videos.

During the car trip up, Jordy confessed to us that one time, around the age of 8, he snuck into the teacher snack room at vacation bible school and ate an entire huge bowl of icing and never told anyone. at the age of 17, he's finally coming clean.

Also, some of the finer points of the trip include:

we managed to get lost in the woods for three hours. that was exciting.
we also saw savannah, and i have now learned that the next time i want to pose as a SCAD student i shall be wearing plaid and jeans and riding a bike. my backpack fits in though.
we are watching the TV version of the matrix right now and the substituted language for one of the explicits was "Judas Priest!" if you don't know who they are, i encourage you to look it up. then imagine hearing it in the matrix.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twitter Etiquette

The "don'ts" of Twitter

1. Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend Tweets

We don't want to hear you vent. Twitter may give you the illusion that you are free to speak your mind. You are, but nobody apreciates slander or desperate pleas for attention. Sad but true. When you want to tweet, JOURNAL.

2. Inside Joke Tweets

If you're the only person who can understand your tweet, then don't post it. Instead, join the conversation that happens when people understand what you're saying.

3. Potty Humor Tweets

Especially annoying in girls. Please guys, talking about your underwear stopped being cool in the third grade.

4. Excessive Celebrity Shoutout Tweets

There's nothing wrong in telling your hero they rocked at the concert, or asking them a genuine question. Most Artists are very happy to join in intelligent conversation and you may even be surprized when they respond!
However, tweeting "OMG U ROCK @joejonas!!!!!" 40 times a day is not going to help you gain followers or gain respect from your hero, either.

5. Location tweets
tweeting "i'm at the store. alone." is pointless. just be honest. tweet "i have no friends and i want someone to hang out with me. #desperation."

6.lyric tweets
Now we enter a set of tweets that are delicate. when used correctly, the lyrictweet and the hashtag are beautiful creative things. However, when abused, they send your followers into an irritated fit that will probably cause you to lose followers. let me break it down for you:
DON'T: tweet lyrics when you're experiencing a break up
DONT: tweet lyrics more than once a day
DON'T: tweet lyrics every day.
DON'T tweet lyrics as codes for your emotions. it annoys us, we are smart, we know what you mean and who you're mad at.

7. #uselesshashtagtweets
hashtags are glorious, beautiful gifts to the world. if you don't know how to use the hashtag, quit that. don't abuse the power of the hashtag.

8. Emotion tweets.
"i'm so in love with you."
"i guess i can't do anything right"

enough said.

Twitter is a wonderful way to share information and engage in conversation. Be mindful of the other people around you. Be aware that you have something importaint to contribute to the conversation, and don't let pointless words obstruct the importaint ones.

oh, and follow me, @mallyrenee

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Puppy Love

James sang wonderfully, i got to wear a beautiful dress and the Boykins brought COOKIES. job well done. such a great conclusion to my freshman year.