Thursday, May 19, 2011

judas priest! he's fast!

"Just so you know i'm blogging all of this." me
"I'm just not gonna talk." mom

well it's been another glorious adventure with the Searcy's here at Hilton Head Island. A place that makes fairhope look lower class. As we've been going along, i've managed to write down a few of my favorite quotes. Here they are:

"What are we doing on this trip?"
building a campfire on the beach.
"isn't that illegal?"
yeah but Liam is a boyscout

Liam looking for things on the scavenger hunt: Where's the sheet music?
mom: i'm not getting it out right now
Liam: aw. i was looking for a bridge.

"you watch that show too!'
yeah but we don't have to TiVo every episode of america's funniest home videos.

During the car trip up, Jordy confessed to us that one time, around the age of 8, he snuck into the teacher snack room at vacation bible school and ate an entire huge bowl of icing and never told anyone. at the age of 17, he's finally coming clean.

Also, some of the finer points of the trip include:

we managed to get lost in the woods for three hours. that was exciting.
we also saw savannah, and i have now learned that the next time i want to pose as a SCAD student i shall be wearing plaid and jeans and riding a bike. my backpack fits in though.
we are watching the TV version of the matrix right now and the substituted language for one of the explicits was "Judas Priest!" if you don't know who they are, i encourage you to look it up. then imagine hearing it in the matrix.


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  1. haha! this made me laugh! i love reading your blog. :)