Friday, July 15, 2011


let's be sailors. let's get on a boat

so big it swallows up my mind. stand on the bow of a steady hand

with a dip and a wave and a toss of a spray and a wish that won't be denied

i'll ride the wind to the nearest dream and give my heart to the sky.

oh let's be sailors.

the sea doesn't remember me.

and the land has such cold cut memories

ancient trees whisper my history

and somebody home is telling

my story with a shake of a head

so cold, so choking in it's clarity.

let's be sailors.

with a sail so full it fills up my soul. like the wind on a cloudy day.

fill up my eyes with horizon till there's no room for tears.

let's be sailors. with nothing but good plain honest fears.

to pray to God when storms arise, a cry and a desperate plea.

oh if i were a sailor, and my heart knew only the sea.

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