Friday, October 28, 2011

Awakening my old love of poetry

I used to know a lot
before I read much
I used to write fine poetry
epic, lots of fighting
battle wounds and crying.
now I just write about
my dog who needs her nails cut
and how I eat two eggs each morning
pretending I am British
as I drink my tea.
I used to know a lot before I read things.
I watch the news in dread
Numbly wondering who else is dead
I used to talk before.
and watch commercials.
Now i sit at the window
and notice that there are
so many flowers nobody picks.
we should pick them, you and I.
If a thousand soldiers die.
Today a million children starve.
I need us to pick the flowers
before the petals fall
I don't know why- it's just important.
that's all.

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