Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have to admit that I probably feel a little too comfortable with this blog, because I'm fairly certain no one reads it except my mom. I want to write about some tough issues, and since it's a blog I can do that. that is precisely what blogging is for- saying whatever you like and not caring if you have to site it or use any sort of grammatical rules.
Maybe I have an ulterior motive in my purposeful ignorance of grammar in this article. I am in some small way, rebelling against being smart. This is a blog to say that I wish no one had every told me I was smart. I wish no one else ever thought they were smart either. I wish no one talked about big lofty concepts to feel important. I used to think that in true intelligent company, wisdom came before facts and truth before applause. I was wrong. intelligent people have displayed all the most base and carnal vices of envy and fad. I supposed that when i read socrates i would fined everyone who read him was a little more like him. I was very, very wrong.
If i stop reading milton, I'm going to start thinking about reading Milton. which is grave error and a terrible thing and makes for professors who talk much too loud at dinner parties about things they studied a long time ago.
but enough of this. I'm going to read, and ignore the smart people. I'm tired of people who have facts and no discernment.

that is my rant.

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