Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Greek Part I

Dear Greek, I loathe thee entirely
you are all that stands between me 
and an honors diploma.
Frankly, I'd rather have pneumonia.

You are my 8 Am terror, my one regret
you are the thing i wish i could forget.
Silently, I wait as each student translates
my professor always trying to find creative ways
to skip me- to prevent my suffering needlessly.

He knows I cannot learn it (though I try)
He knows he hasn't taught me (goodness knows why)
So we hope he'll pass me in peace,
and ignore his failure and my defeat.

I absolutely, totally and completely hate. Greek.

Greek part II 

Dear Greek, I am trying not to hate you
to know you must serve some good.
that every choice is tempting or terrible
till now I only thought I understood.

How tempting to sleep rather than attend
as bad as throwing pears at swine,
how difficult to conform the will in every day
to daily do this chore as if it's thine.

how terrible to diligently copy
verb tenses that I barely comprehend
and wake up early just to learn a subject
 that I will not need and will not understand.

To wake up every morning finding nowhere,
a redemption or a purpose unless
your strength be made perfect in my weakness
and my soul be more fit for lowliness. 

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