Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Life of I

The Philosopher’s I.

The philosopher’s I, is an important I.
It says, according to me, this is what I think.
That perhaps all the world is too big and vast and
Overwhelming, but I infer a few things from this corner of earth.
I infer a few things about the life of I.
Dr. Schuler said, in English essays, I mustn’t use the I.
The I says you’re insecure, go on and mean it.
If you think King Lear isn’t tragic, say he isn’t tragic.
Go on and mean it like a PH.D
But the whole point is that I don’t know if King Lear is tragic
Or if he isn’t tragic.
I haven’t asked him how he feels about it
Or known the scope of all tragedies and sorrows
That drop tears and become the salty sea.
So how on earth am I supposed to claim and argue
With other PH.D’s
When I’ve come this far to know, finally
That I don’t even know what King Lear means.

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