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Summary paragraph on watching the English Department's "merchant of venice"

Mallory Searcy
Extra Credit Assignment
Merchant of Venice Summary Paragraph
November 4, 2012

Dust: A Summary

 Apologize for bending the rules
and for writing that paper on
but since you’ll read dozens of these
I thought I’d risk bonus points on

The smell of the stage is pine and black curtain dust
It is the smell of hairspray and bobby pins
And words that have been said before,
Written by men.

[Shakespeare says]
Plato is pretty but man is weak
Dust wants to go up.
From dust to dust, It wants to go up.
Bound to flesh and yet it dreams.

Sitting next to Will Drake, glowing
Waiting for the curtain to go up.
For a merchant, a heiress and a Jew
To speak their turn, take a bow or two
And go up.
And I cannot decide what it means
That my heart aches for immortality,
That I am Yorick, after all-
And yet I dream of wings.

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