Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Quotes Collyn loves :)

Read these words when you’re quite alone
Read them when you’re scared
Many times you will approach a
Problem unprepared

Say them when you’re standing
And when you see injustice
Like a wave of fear, seeking
Stand up and start speaking.

Read them by the light of candles
Dream of things we cannot see
Words have stayed a nation’s heart
While the world is torn apart.

Whisper them to a baby
One sleepy afternoon
As you intertwine one heart with yours
Your greatest gift is truth.

These are words of strength
Like ancient runes or guarding prayers
Strong words. hopeful words.
To make us somehow more aware

With new eyes we see
With new ears we hear
By timeless truths we judge our worth
With timeless words we shake the earth.

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