Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to find motivation for running 3 miles without stopping

A true story.*

Easy, my feet are tense and pulsing on the concrete, my hair bouncing in a pony tail and my usual threat to cut off my intensely long hair because it’s getting everywhere. I’m talking to this guy running right next to me. We’re laughing at something and jumping over flowerbeds and trying to get as close to the sprinklers as possible without actually leaving the sidewalk. Until I see the American Legion building at the
I mile
Ok, push Mallory. Just until that flower bed right past the legion. Then you can stop. I achieve flowerbed status, quite proud and breathing hard with an extremely and unattractively red face- and then this guy notices I’m slowing down. He then proceeds to jog BACKWARDS front of me and cocks his head to one side. Gives me a little smile and says “you stopping?”
Heck no.
New strength magically appears. There is no stinkin way I’m wimping out with him jogging BACKWARDS. Just don’t think about the pain Mallory, one step at a time. I need a distraction.
“So how far are we running today?”
“uh… I don’t know. This track runs like 3 miles if we don’t turn into the neighborhood. And I worked all day today so I’m super tired and I probably won’t.”
2 miles
The Hallelujah Chorus began ringing in my ears. He’s only running 3 miles! I can do that! I think? Sure I can. Oh, I’m in pain again. We’re passing a little house with a picket fence. Cute. Wait, how am I supposed to appear cute and girly when I’m sweating like a man and my hair looks like something blonde exploded on my head!? This is not working. Maybe I can compensate by saying something smart. Drat! I can’t think and run at the same time… I gotta slow down…
He turns around AGAIN. Ugh. I’m slowing down, Mr. backwards jogger superman of all running. You win.
“I thought you said you were getting in shape?”
What. He said what?!?! Oh no. that did not just happen. My legs suddenly have revived energy. I think I’m going to puke if I take one more step. I think I can’t breathe. You know what? I think I don’t care. There’s no way I’m slowing down!

3 miles


*sort of.

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