Saturday, October 10, 2009

Visions of the Street

a heavy eyelid on the verge of falling
one sleepy little head
stoops to pick up garbage
the street like a dead thing at night
a dead thing that won't rise

"light"said another sleepy head
to a rat in the gully
"I once met the man who said to the LORD
'i'm a believer help my unbelief'
he wore suits to church and drove a green suburban.
then i went to the doorstep of the Sadducee
and there he said to me
he awaits the Kingdom like his sunday paper
slow deliberatly.
I had no chance to buy a paper to read.

no one has spoken to me.
"on the dead street.
he spoke to a rat."
no one has spoken to me."

O LORD thou pluckest me out

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