Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Caf: the College dining experience.

mallory's UM caf advice:

What to eat:
Chocolate milk and chocolate cookies. Probably the best idea ever.
The wraps and salads, excellent choice.
Anything with tomato sauce is generally okay.
Oh and the omelets are probably the most yummy thing at the caf. seriously. let's invest in some breakfast people. It's delish.

What to avoid at all costs:
nacho cheese. For some reason, these people think nacho cheese goes on baked potatoes. until someone shows them the light, steer clear of the unnaturally yellow stuff. It sneaks up in substances when you don't suspect it.
The "we threw everything we can't put in the nacho cheese into a dessert" bars. Little squares of strange graham cracker brownsugar vanilla cinnamon chocolate cheesecake nuts fruit potluck squares. Sometimes they taste good, sometimes they don't. Stick with the cookies.

ps. oh and the fries taste like Arby's fries, but the best thing to do is get a salad and a cookie and then steal your friends fries when she's not looking.

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