Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stupid Kiwi (or) How to Stay Healthy in College

Avery and my personal experiences with that classic Fruit-for-breakfast-on-the-way-to-800-class Dilemma that we find ourselves in. I wonder why it is we try new things on the way to class?

The Attempts:

Strike One: Prepeel the Kiwi.
Outcome: Sticky Fail, can I be excused to wash my hands before I take this test? thanks.

Strike Two: Prepeel and SLICE the Kiwi. Bring spoon.
Outcome: Again with the Sticky fail (inadequate paper towl preparation) and now I have a spoon with me in every class.

Strike Three: Mangos. Turns out I'm allergic to the skin. I never knew this, because i never ate the skin until i was running to class.
Outcome: turns out permanent retainers are completely invisible unless you're trying to de-mango your mouth. This stuff turns into string when not properly sliced. lesson learned.

Conclusions on these attempts are as follows:
stick to granola bars and oranges. Stay away from the "dangerous" fruits.
That is all.

(inspired by the suffering of Avery on the way to class)

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  1. I read this again. still relevant to my life. & still funny.