Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is my new slang word. Hope it catches on:

(see also Vagueing, vaguer)
(n) That word or group of words which doesn't exactly answer a question but certainly leaves enough room either way to give the speaker a bailout and the listener hope for a bright future by their side.

You know that time, when you spent all day hanging out with that one girl and you thought you'd made a friend, she was really sweet right? and you seemed to have everything in common.
You: Let's go get coffee sometime!
Her: i love coffee!


the person or persons who tactfully avoid awkward rejections.

Him: we should get together and study for that test!
Her: Oh man, i almost never study.

Her's friend at study party: That girl is such vaguer.


The act of avoiding awkward situations

I told him the shirt was nice, which it WAS night, but i didn't like it, i was sorta vagueing.


Note: Her love for coffee is not implicitly stating that she would like to have coffee with you.
True story.

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  1. 1. By definition, vagueism should not be defined
    2. The term vagueism is not new; e.g., it appeared (twice) in the 1882 novel 'Rosa' by Agnes Rollo Wilkie.