Thursday, August 18, 2011

the million dollar idea.

two things i know about myself

1. i don't do things halfway
2. i am a wimp

So I've been convicted about the money i waste. I just paid off my first student loan and lately i've just had such a heart for being a wise steward of my finances. In light of this, i realized how much money i waste on clothes.
So i've decided i want to do something drastic (see point 1.)
but there's the other half, which means i might chicken out (see point 2.)
so i've devised a plan.
perhaps if i PUBLISH my plan on my blog, i will feel obligated to go through with it even when it gets rough.
okay are you ready for the plan?
here goes.

I will not buy clothes during this entire school year.

alright, here goes nothing but a whole lot of saving and a whole lot of fun.


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