Friday, August 26, 2011

Workstudy in the computer lab.. reflections on commuting

It isn't that i hate commuting, i just hate not being where the people are. In the morning it's nice, because i can be as loud as i want in my car and i won't bother anyone. At night though i just want to call every single person i know and talk to them. Last night i drove around the circle (our whole campus can fit itself around this giant one-way circle) 3 times just looking for people to say hey to, and then i did see people but they were in a big group talking and laughing and i pictured myself awkwardly pulling up my car trying to get in on the joke and... decided against it. I called Christian and Jordan and looked through my text messages trying to weigh in my mind who would be annoyed or think i was clingy if i called them. I just really love people. i would want to hang out even if i hadn't slept or eaten for 5 days. I could live on air and conversation.
So that's what stinks about commuting.
What's nice about it are the two boiled eggs and cup of tea i have for breakfast every morning, and the fact that when i have to perform a song in a day i can ask my dad to play the melody line and then listen to the recording of it on my phone for an hour before i have to show my face in pubic. I am also forced to practice piano because now i live in a house of piano players. including my 12 year old brother who's better at piano than i am. Stinkin Searcy.
I don't know why i wrote this blog entry, except it has helped me procrastinate and ramble about commuting.

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