Tuesday, May 22, 2012


If ever there was a time in my life for Born and Raised to fall into my lap, this is the time. A true America album, full of cowboys and harmonicas. John Mayer, wherever you are- I dig it.
On Monday I head off for my Europe adventure. Which, as many times as I say it, doesn't feel real. How do I imagine something as wonderful, as ridiculous, as a trip to europe by myself? And I do sometimes feel as if it's secretly ridiculous. Even though I have been saving every penny for a year- it still feels as if I must live in unheard of luxury to be able to do this kind of thing.
The first chunk of the trip is Oxford. That terrifying and glorious institution. Everyone seems to have their travelers list of what they need to do there. Naturally, I have my own.
The Eagle and Child- hopefully on my first night.
Oxford Farmers Markets- where i plan to get my veggies
The Parks- I know myself in study mode. If I am going to kill myself writing papers, I might need to spend some time walking in the parks. make that every day.
Exotic food- you know, the stuff I can't get in the states
H&M- cheap clothes from Europe? Yes. Yes please.

Anything else I need to do while I'm there?

ad astra per aspera

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