Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Make it your own: college blog series part II

So here's what I didn't expect. I didn't expect it to be such a smooth transition. Okay, so I move in Friday, but still. Usually moving is super dramatic. But it's amazing how easy it is to let go when more and more things in your life end up slipping away. Friends are leaving, there isn't any more school work for me to do in highschool- I finished it all. So it's okay. I know that there will be lots of stuff for me to do in college. I'm ready.
The one thing I'm really gonna miss, is my family. We went into Goodwill today and my brothers immediately started dressing up with the clothes, and then as we walked out Liam said "hey! Presbyterians have the right of way!" .... That's pedestrians, Liam.
I'm gonna miss them. A ton.
Homeschoolers, we know how to have a good time with our siblings.

This came in later:
Hannah Kintner:
Is there anything else we need for our dorm?

Mallory (me) Searcy:
Hmmm... I"m in such an excited buying-stuff-for-my-dorm mood that it's probably a dangerous time to ask. Right now I'm pretty sure we need dinosaur pillows.

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