Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why We Write Anything

I've recently realized that it is important to like writing. I thought everybody liked it. I thought the only reason people didn't want to write reflective essays in class was because they were scared people wouldn't like them, or that their teacher secretly read the paper out loud in the teacher's lounge. I never realized that people don't write because they don't enjoy it. Some people have no desire to wage war with words and create something beautiful. Some people look at the ocean and have no desire to write a poem. Maybe they paint a picture of it, or they talk about it to a friend, or they sit quietly in the deep mystery of that vast blue greatest, the tribute to all the misfortunes and splendors of mankind. But writing doesn't come to mind.

Let me back up and say that all writers, great or small, struggle with feeling that their work is significant. I mean, people are starving in Africa, some people work for TOMs. Every 2 to 3 days I question whether anyone besides me and occasionally Katelyn ever actually read my blog. And wether, if they read it, it would matter.
But it is comforting to know that not everyone wants to write. I have begun to rest in what Anna said to me after I tried to explain to her the basis for a reflective essay. She said it's important for me to write because not everyone can. Not everyone can express how they feel and those people need the storytellers.
And there are stories to be told. Stories that change nations, lives. Stories pouring out with truth and justice and the eternal glory of God. And that is why we write anything.

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