Friday, June 15, 2012

The Ashmolean. (sp?)

in this episode, i will drink tea and convince myself to walk to the museum by myself. I like museums, but art is so much fun with friends.
If I go by myself, I can feel really sophisticated, like an art student. Maybe I can bring a notepad and stare thoughtfully at paintings, acting like I'm preparing to draw something brilliant.
I like art. I took Councilman's Art Appreciation class this past semester. Since that class, I have become a profuse appreciator. I can appreciate art anytime, anywhere. I even know who Manet is.   But if I go to the museum by myself, no one will notice how appreciative I'm being.
This is my dilemma.

oh, I went punting today. Actually, I sat in the punting boat while my friends figured out how to navigate in the current and i read wordsworth. I'm great at punting. 

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