Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A time to study.

Believe it or not, the best time for me to study happens at about 6 am. Because my days have been packed between the formal dinner monday night and Stratford yesterday, my only time to read the thousands of pages of Roosevelt/Churchill letters due this week has been from about 6-8:30 am on my couch. It's very still and quiet at this hour- but not like it is if you stay up too late. No, it's an alive quiet. as if you have something that only you and the sky are experiencing.
Being so much further north, the sun sets at ten pm and comes up at around 4am.

I saw Julius Caesar with the Royal Shakespeare Company last night. Really good, but it's funny because i'm studying WWII and Lewis and then now Caesar and everything seems to go back to things about war, about nations rising and falling. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about- but i don't think I'd really understand this country if i didn't attempt to understand its battles.

snow- sleeping at last. one of the best songs i've ever heard.

Well, it's officially 6:30, time to letter.

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