Monday, June 25, 2012

Spiritual Tanning

I told one of my friends that this trip has been a lot like tanning. When you go to the beach you can never tell how much you have actually tanned unless you go back inside. That's what this is. I have no idea how much I'm learning, how much I'm growing and changing. Maybe I'll be able to see my tan when I get back in the states. metaphorically.
I'm going to wimbledon this afternoon with a couple from the church in London, I've been working with Sarah Katherine at the church all morning. It's been nice, in a quiet way. Everything here works at such a different pace than Oxford. I mean, for one thing I'm not living in a flat, I'm staying with a family that doesn't eat standing up and I'm eating food besides soup and yogurt and pasties. So that's a nice change. It's also totally different working with a church instead of doing schoolwork.

On a side note- I'm having to break down and buy a second suitcase because I bought so many books in Oxford. 

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