Thursday, July 22, 2010

12:30 at night= mid afternoon for Russians

Yes, so in a country where 85 degrees is an absolutely unimaginable heat, they stay up at all hours of the night. Then it gets to the more reasonable 70 degrees in July heat. 

Needless to say, it's near one in the morning.

Tonight i performed at an outreach concert for kids in the area of the church. It was absolutely amazing. I was really nervous (i think maybe more nervous than i let on!) about playing the guitar and piano and singing. But when all else failed i just sang, and i think people notice your voice more than anything. I sang desert song, lord of lords (partly in Russian) and lifeline. It was a brooke fraser concert! haha. just kidding. 

I've been giving voice lessons to the worship team all day most days, as well as spending lots of time with kids at the church and building relationships with some of the teens. i lead the girl's small group and i've continued to talk to all of those girls. very sweet. There's one girl, who's name in english would be Julia, who has a wonderful voice. She's about 14 and i had alot of fun hearing her sing at the concert tonight.

Russian meals are much better than American ones. they sit and eat and talk for hours. it's wonderful. I think i shall adopt it when  i come to America. and i will be back here, no doubts about that. I love this church. I think they have this understanding of community like i've only read of in the book of acts or maybe corrie ten boom. This real, true community. I wish you could've seen the highschoolers at the church talk to the other highschoolers who came to the concert. they brought them around, showed them everything, made friends and talked about God and it was.. something like I wish we could do.

Perhaps in a country that, as a whole, is so without God, those who have him shine so brightly that you can't help but notice.

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  1. Like. :) Praying for you Mallory and the amazing story that you are telling with you life. :)