Saturday, July 17, 2010

Communist Cola, Esther, and my heros.

I'm staying at Tanya's house until Tuesday. It really feels like home here. Absolutely amazing, I can't describe it.
Last night Tanya and i stayed up past my bedtime talking God and politics and drinking Communist Cola. lol. It's our name for this type of cola that they make in Russia. It's not really sweet and it's made by yeast. So it looks and smeels like carbonated, non alchoholic beer. In Russia they say that American coke is bad for you and that true Russians drink this drink. (But i guess, even American's know coke isn't the healthiest thing to put in your body) The Russian Orthadox monks even develop thier own personal recipies for it! So Tanya calls it "communist cola'. We laugh, but the people of Russia are not free.
I even wonder how much I should write of the situation here until I am safely back on American ground. I'll save the words until i get to an American computer.
I can tell you that i'm getting ready to go to church. I CAN'T WAIT! I will lead worship with the kids and it's going to be amazing. There's a little girl named Mary who is 12 and reminds me of myself when i came to Russia the first time. She loves english and speaks it very well. Of course, she's one of Tanya's students. Then we will go with the church to the lake to swim. Since there's no air condition in Russia, and it's upwards of 85 degrees, lets just say that everyone is looking forward to the lake. alot.
Also, a note on Esther. I couldn't sleep this morning, on account of the fact that it was like 9 at night in America, so i read the entire book of Esther. I just can't get over what Mordicai says to Esther when she's scared. He basically says "don't think for a second that you are safe in the palace. If you don't help the jews, thier salvation will arise from someplace else, but you and your family will be killed. But Esther, perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this."
Mom says that when American's get to heaven God will ask us what we did with our freedom, with our money, with our ability to speak out against injustice.
The Tanya's of the world will get the nobel prize of heaven.
On that note, she made me breakfast!


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  1. Hey Mallory,
    Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for and keeping up with your posts. I may not comment on here a lot, but I am reading it :)
    So excited for your opportunity to lead worship there. Take care and God Bless!
    Mrs. Beth