Friday, July 16, 2010

First Post from Russia

It's 7 at night here and I FINALLY arrived in Kaluga, after flying into Moscow, taking a train, a metro, an hour and a half wait and then a three hour bus ride and now I"M HERE!!! I'm so excited. (Veronica says Amerikee's say "i'm so excited" alot. )
We're going to worship team rehearsal to say hello to everyone and give them the gifts we've brought. And I think Veronica's Papa made Russian bbq. This also, is exciting. Especially after two airplane meals.
Russia smells the same as i remember. it's got that big city, people smell, but also something else. There's no way to describe it really, but as soon as we started walking to the flat i smelled it. Like something out of a dream, it has been 7 years.
I'm lucky Russian's talk with thier hands. It makes it much easier to guess.
God is good! Thank you all for your prayers. My adventure is begining!!

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